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Jax Releases New Single, “Cinderella Snapped”

Jax Releases New Single, “Cinderella Snapped”


Just in time for Women’s History Month, Jax is back with another empowering single, “Cinderella Snapped.” This time she’s taken inspiration from fairytale characters and Disney princesses. Check it out below!

In the song, “Cinderella Snapped,” Jax sings about how Cinderella discovers the Prince is cheating on her and tells him off, which inspires all the other women in the kingdom to take a stand for independence. 

The chorus goes, “I don’t need no prince to save me/ I’m a god**** CEO/ Don’t call me baby/ Equal pay me/ Snow White said you tried to kiss her/ So I’ll just buy a new glass slipper/ and burn your castle down/ and kids, that’s how/ Cinderella snapped.”

After that, Jax details the changes that swept the kingdom: Rapunzel shaved her head, Mulan and Jasmine made out with each other, Sleeping Beauty “sued the dude who kissed her while she was asleep,” Ariel was “confident without any feet” and Beauty “realized that she was the Beast.”

“I wanted to write a song from Cinderella’s perspective, if she and all the princesses rewrote their stories and burned the fairytale system down,” Jax says in a statement.

Jax – Behind The Song

“My intention was to throw a little dose of equality into the stories I grew up with. I always wondered how it would have shaped who I was if all the princesses I looked up to had more purpose than being saved by a prince.”

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“Cinderella Snapped” follows Jax’s equally empowering megahit “Victoria’s Secret.” In May, she’ll play the BottleRock festival in Napa, California. This summer she’ll be on the road with Big Time Rush and MAX, starting June 22 in Fort Worth, Texas. For full details, visit

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