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Fritz Hager Releases New Track, “Bad Friend”

Fritz Hager Releases New Track, “Bad Friend”

Fritz Hager

Fritz Hager, the rising star from American Idol Season 20, continues to make waves in the music industry with the release of his latest single, “Bad Friend.” In this poignant track, Hager explores the complexities of young love and its potential to strain friendships. The singer has been on a creative spree, delighting fans with a series of new music releases since his time on the popular show. Check it out below!

“Bad Friend” is a quiet, understated song that showcases Hager’s vocals as he sings, “I didn’t know what I’d lose, falling in love with you / Call me a bad friend, was I a bad friend? / Seventeen in my room, I didn’t know the rules / Of being a good man, was I a bad friend?”

Hager co-wrote “Bad Friend” with Ilsey Juber. The singer wrote on Instagram upon its release that he’s “incredibly proud of this track.” Hager previously teased the song back in May in a post featuring several demos. He also shared an acoustic version around the same time.

“When we wrote this song, we wanted to explore how confusing love can be at a young age when you don’t have the tools to communicate it,” Hager said in a press release. “‘Bad Friend’ is a melancholic look into the past and a kind of apology to the people we hurt.”

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