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Bishop Briggs Releases New Track, “Reborn”

Bishop Briggs Releases New Track, “Reborn”

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, the acclaimed winner of Season 9 of The Masked Singer, has made her highly anticipated return with the release of her latest track. Known for her captivating vocals and unwavering energy, Bishop Briggs once again showcases her talent and passion in this soul-stirring song. Titled “Reborn,” the track is an emotional powerhouse, serving as a heartfelt anthem that celebrates personal transformation and the strength to overcome adversity.

Briggs’s new EP, “When Everything Went Dark,” which is was released on June 23, opens with the powerful track “Reborn.” This album holds great significance in Briggs’s personal journey, as she acknowledges its profound impact on her life. With heartfelt gratitude, she recognizes the solace the album has provided, guiding her through challenging moments. The deeply personal nature of the songs resonates with listeners, who find comfort in the transformative power of music and its ability to heal and aid in self-discovery.

Reflecting on the album, Briggs shares a personal insight into her connection with the concept of safety and finding solace. “When I was little, I would sleep with a night light that filled my bedroom with warmth as I drifted off to sleep. Something about the afterglow made me feel protected, as if someone was staying awake looking out for me.” As she grew older, she “learned to truly rest you have to feel that safety deep in your body.”

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