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Tune in Thursday | August 25th 2022

Tune in Thursday | August 25th 2022

Tune in Thursday

We are back with some new tracks for Tune in Thursday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Machine Gun Kelly x 44phantom | “don’t sleep, repeat”

44phantom and Machine Gun Kelly just released a new track, “don’t sleep, repeat.” This track is heartfelt and catchy with smooth vocals from 44phantom and MGK. MGK’s contributions brings out more of a dark moody vibe that we previously saw from his latest album Mainstream Sellout. The artists match each other’s energy in this song perfectly. It’s clear MGK is a fan of 44phantom: along with his executive producer credit on “don’t sleep, repeat,” he had the young songwriter open for his MAINSTREAM SELLOUT TOUR stop in Cleveland this summer. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Stephen Sanchez | “See The Light”

18 year old, Stephen Sanchez is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter with 2M likes + 480k likes on on Tiktok. His first track “Lady by the Sea” has amassed 4M+ streams on Spotify alone. Stephen Sanchez, just released a new track, “See The Light.” The new single contains beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar heavy instrumentals. The catchy tune finds Stephen Sanchez passionately singing, “Hold me up until you see the darkness that I couldn’t find lying by your side.” The new track is really well done and deserves to be added to your playlists. Give it a listen.

Rivals | “Bleeding Star”

Rivals just released a new track, “Bleeding Star.” Rivals always brings the energy and emotion to their music. “Bleeding Star” has a dramatic melody, with a touch of percussion and electronic elements. The star of the show is, as always, the insane vocals of front vocalist, Kalie Wolfe, and the chorus will leave you wanting more. All in all, it is a beautiful track. Make sure to give this one an add to your playlists.

Autumn Kings | “Riptide”

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We have previously featured, Autumn Kings. Now they are back with a new track, “Riptide.” Autumn Kings is a rock/pop band founded in Detroit, Michigan / Windsor, Ontario in 2015. The track is super heavy, which is evident with the instrumentals and the intense vocals. This is such a cool single that is really well done. The vocals are absolutely insane. Seriously some of the best that I have heard. Make sure to give this one an add to your playlists

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