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Taryn Papa Releases New Single, “Persuaded”

Taryn Papa Releases New Single, “Persuaded”

Taryn Papa

Taryn Papa just released a new track, “Persuaded.” Check out the full song and music video below!

Speaking on the writing process Taryn says: “The song was written some time in 2013/2014. I had just moved to Nashville and had my first official writing session, with Randall Clay and A.J. Engstrom. Randall was asking a lot of questions in efforts to get to know me. He complained of a “hangover headache” and said “You know what I mean?” I replied with “I don’t go out and get drunk, that’s not what I do.” That ended up becoming the first line to our song. He kept pushing with questions. Curious if I had ever done anything I didn’t set out to do – ‘Persuaded’ was born. Randall passed away in October of 2018, 2 days after my birthday. Watching this song soar to the top would be the greatest gift.”

When it came to recording ‘Persuaded’, the process wasn’t without its difficulties. “I actually had a hard time recording this song.” Papa says. “My producer, Jared Keim, really had to push it out of me. It felt very nostalgic, exciting, and emotionally draining at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, this is my favorite song I’ve written and I absolutely love performing it live, but I kept second guessing myself every step of the way. Every high note I had to hit, I kept asking myself, “Can I still hit these notes from 10 years ago?” “What if this doesn’t sound the same?” “What if it doesn’t sound different?” I am thrilled with the final product and I can’t wait to see the words “PERSUADED, OUT NOW”! 

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