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Sorry It’s Over | “Time Moves Slow” and “Time to Pretend” – Single Review

Sorry It’s Over | “Time Moves Slow” and “Time to Pretend” – Single Review

Sorry Its Over

Sorry It’s Over recently released two singles, “Time Moves Slow,” and “Time to Pretend.” Check out both of them and the single review below.

You can also view, “Time to Pretend,” below as well.

Sorry It’s Over is a pop/alt-rock band that was established by Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella. They trace their roots all the way back to a garage in Encinitas, California, with a twelve-by-twelve square-foot box studio built within. Upon closer inspection, the place is jam-packed with an impressive variety of musical equipment. The garage has transformed into a DIY studio where the band’s music and art are crafted.

They’ve been cooking up some new stuff on their latest project since April of 2019. The two have been meeting up almost every day to work, the constant collaboration and Louis’s immense knowledge on production have proved to be a great tool in creating their distinct sound that incorporates Classic Rock and Roll with a new age twist.

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In “Time Moves Slow,” they really showcase their beach vibes with some really cool vocals, and chill instrumentals. “Time to Pretend,” is a more slowed down track but also has some pretty cool vocal effects as well. Both songs are beautiful in their own way. If you are looking for some great music to add to your playlists, make sure you check these out.

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