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Soran | “Way Up” – Single Review

Soran | “Way Up” – Single Review

Soran Way Up

Soran is back with a new single, “Way Up.” In honor of this awesome release, we have decided to do a single review. Check it out below

Born on the south shore of Montreal to a Japanese mother and a French father, Soran grew up surrounded by his father’s musical instruments, on which he could begin to experiment and learn. At age four, Soran was already playing drums, but then he abandoned music for a time.

During a trip to New York, he bought a guitar from a homeless person and rediscovered the pleasure of playing right away. He recorded a fifteen-second video in his bedroom that received hundreds of reactions on social media, much to his surprise. Several other videos followed, and in order to remain humble in the face of this exponential online success, he would perform anonymously in the metro. This is when La Voix noticed him, in 2015. A few months later, all four of the TV show’s coaches were drawn to his reggae version of Hotel California.

Soran is back with an incredibly catchy new song, “Way Up.” It has more of an acoustic feel to it, which is really refreshing. The vocals in the track are super strong and even features some really well done harmonies. All in all, this is a catchy song and needs to be added to everyone’s playlist.

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