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Saturday Satisfaction | October 1st, 2022

Saturday Satisfaction | October 1st, 2022

Saturday Satisfaction

We are back with our Saturday Satisfaction playlist. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

Dyn Standard x Clarees x Liah | “Oceanside”

Dyn Standard, Clarees and Liah just released a new track, “Oceanside.” This is such an energetic track. The vocals are pushed to the forefront of the song, and still stands out on its own, even with it being high energy. The production is on point too. Such a great vocal performance that deserves to be added to your playlists.


Los Angeles based Riley Lynch is no stranger to the spotlight. He began performing at just 13, and by 15 had already secured himself a spot on the national television show The X Factor.  Now 24, he has garnered a loyal following by stapling a piece of his heart onto every angst-filled melody that he crafts. Riley spent the majority of his teenage years touring after his stint on The XFactor USA, appearing as a performer in shows stacked with other high-caliber artists. “Icarus,” is such an intense track. It has a heavier/darker tone and puts Riley’s voice at the front of the song, which is smart considering how strong his voice is. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

ARRO | “Scientist”

Nashville based singer/songwriter, ARRO just released his take on the Coldplay classic, “Scientist.” The new track is really well done. It is definitely a vibe. It is important when doing a cover, that it stands out on its own against the original. That is exactly what ARRO did here. He has such a great voice that is perfectly suited for this type of music. Definitely a standout this week. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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Saint Chaos | “Ghosts & Monsters”

Saint Chaos just released a new track, “Ghosts & Monsters.” The highly anticipated single is a fun and catchy banger. The melody is hard to forget once you heard it and the theme of the song makes it perfect for the upcoming halloween season as well. This track reminds me of Fall Out Boy, which is impressive. Love the vibe. Could definitely see this one being a hit on the radio. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

What did you think of our Saturday Satisfaction playlist? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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