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Saturday Satisfaction | June 11th 2022

Saturday Satisfaction | June 11th 2022

Saturday Satisfaction

It is time for our Saturday Satisfaction playlist with some new releases. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

Calum Scott | “Boys in the Street”

Calum Scott is back with a new track, “Boys in the Street.” The new track is really well done. The instrumentals compliment his vocals beautifully and really set his voice up in the forefront. His voice is always stunning and this track is no exception. The real standout here is the story of the song. A good song usually tells a story that is compelling and thoughtful. That is exactly what Calum does here. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Josh A feat. Neffex | “SOBER”

Josh A just released a new song, “SOBER.” According to Josh, “107,600 people died in 2021 from drug overdoses and it feels like not much is being done about it. I’m not saying I have the answers-but just wanted to shed light on an issue that means a lot to me.” The new track is really well done. Vocally, he is super talented and has a really smooth flow. Such a strong track by a super talented artist. This one is a must add to your playlists this week.

Ibby VK | “Heart Goes..”

Ibby VK just released, “Heart Goes..” The new track is really compelling. It is really upbeat and energetic. The backing track/melody is contagious but the real standout here are the vocals. This song puts his voice at the forefront of the song, which is very beneficial considering how strong his voice his. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Anna-Sophie | “Attack Without Warning” (Martin Van Lectro Remix)

Anna-Sophie just released the Martin Van Lectro remix of her hit song, “Attack Without Warning.” First off, can I say how much I love her voice. She has such a strong voice and it is really cool to hear it in this element. The remix is really well done and does a great job at showcasing the energy of the song, while not having to compromise the vocals. Definitely a standout this week. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

emlyn | “Temporary Funeral”

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emlyn just released her new single, “Temporary Funeral.” This one is an upbeat track with a lot of energy. The song has a Demi Lovato feel to it, which is super impressive. The vocals are strong. Emlyn does a great job at showing off her range, all while keeping up the energy of the song. If you want an upbeat song with a great story, add this one to your playlists.

Francesco Yates | “Jimi”

Francesco Yates just released his new track, “Jimi.” What a song to end this playlist on. Francesco really seemed to have fun in this song. There is so much energy and vocal power throughout the track. It is really cool when you can tell just through a recording how much fun an artist is having. Jimi Hendrix would be proud of this track. Make sure you add this one to your playlists.

What did you think of our Saturday Satisfaction playlist? Sound off in the comments.

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