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Saturday Satisfaction | July 16th 2022

Saturday Satisfaction | July 16th 2022

Saturday Satisfaction

We are back with our Saturday Satisfaction playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Danger Twins | “Thing Of Beauty”

We just added, “Thing of Beauty,” by Danger Twins to our Saturday Satisfaction playlist. The track was released in late 2019 right before the pandemic by the Nashville based duo Danger Twins. The song has been in the top 25 most used songs on instagram REELS and TIK TOK. The single is really heavy and very cinematic and theatrical. This is why it was such a hit in the SYNC world. Such an intense piece that deserves to be added to your playlists.

Kima Otung | “Young, Wild & Free”

Kim Otung just released a new single, “Young, Wild and Free.” She is a Welsh (and Nigerian) R&B and Neo Soul artist, signed to Warner Music publishing. Kima’s music has been featured multiple times on the UK’s biggest TV show, ITV’s Love Island, as well as BT Sports. Recently, Kima’s single charted at no.6 on Shazam’s Discovery Charts and her debut EP, “Note to Self” has been played in rotation across BBC Radio. This song arose from Kima’s path of detaching from other people’s ideas and choosing to let her anxiety about other people’s perspectives because life is perspective. The new track puts her vocals in the forefront of the track, which is super smart, considering how strong her voice his. She does a great job at showing off her versatility, all while showing off her range. Make sure to put this one on your playlists.

KID TRAVIS | “Let Me In”

We have previously featured KID TRAVIS and now he is back with another new track, “Let Me In.” This is an upbeat song that begins with energy and never lets up. The backing track is really compelling and compliment his vocals completely. His voice is so smooth and he gets to showcase it throughout the track. Definitely one of the stronger ones this week. Make sure to add these to your playlists.

Ryan LaCour | “Down”

Ryan LaCour just released a new track, “Down.” Born in Shreveport, Lousiana, he has a style compared to a Mixture of Miguel and Chris Brown, silky dance moves, and smooth harmonic vocals & layered backgrounds. The backing track is really well done. They compliment his vocals completely. His voice is absolutely beautiful. It is really refreshing when an artist can have such a good voice, and keep up the energy of the track too. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Mack Imagine | “change your mind”

Mack Imagine just released a new track, “change your mind.” Mack Imagine is a singer-songwriting pop duo based in Southern California formed in 2020. During the pandemic, Matthew Zeko (guitar, vocals) and Jack Brady (piano, vocals) decided to quit covering songs, and started to write their own. With the new track, they show off just how talented they are. The instrumentals are on point and pair well with their vocals. The harmonies are spot on and the production is really well done. This is a solid track that will be stuck in your head for a while. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Softest Hard x T-Pain | “I’m Blue”

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Softest Hard and T-Pain are back with a new take on a classic, “I’m Blue.” This is such a catchy track. The production is stellar and show off the vocals perfectly. It is also super energetic too. “I’m Blue,” will get you up and moving. This one is so energetic, that we added it to our “Move It w/ MOTR” Spotify playlist below! Make sure you give this one a follow.

Spoke | “Everything”

Spoke began his career in 1992, during the explosion of electronic music DJ’ing in his own crazy after-hours in the woods. His tracks and remixes appeared on many labels such as: Warner Music, ID&T, Kontor and more. After 13 years of silence, he’s back with a with a more solar sound and a chosen vocal direction that does not lose any of his DJ roots. The new track is extremely catchy. If you are a dance music fan, you are going to love this one. The cool thing about this track, is that the vocals are very present in it. Such a strong voice and even stronger production. All in all, it is an infectious song that deserves to be heard. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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