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Notable Music Monday Releases – Feb 14th 2022

Notable Music Monday Releases – Feb 14th 2022

Notable Music Monday

We have quite a few Notable Music Monday releases for Valentine’s Day! Check them out below!

Chester Bennington/Grey Daze – “Soul Song”

Chester Bennington’s first band Grey Daze have dropped a new song, “Soul Song.” “Soul Song is about the many ways in which we come to enlightenment, into knowledge, and the many ways we fall away from it. This is my personal experience with that,” says Jamie, Chester’s son. You can’t deny Chester’s voice. Absolutely iconic. Such a great song with incredible production/instrumentals in the background. Vocals are incredibly done. This is a must listen for any Chester Bennington fans.

Conor Maynard – “Dance With Somebody”

Conor Maynard really knocks it out of the park with his take on a Whitney Houston classic. His voice is put in the forefront of this very vocal heavy song. With this, it puts the focus directly on him, which pays off completely. The instrumentals in the background pair really well with his vocals. Strong release from a very impressive artist.

CerVon Campbell – “kickback”

“Kickback,” is a very melodic/chill song which will go perfectly on your “relax and chill” playlist. Great vocals and infectious melody. Check it out below!

Keaote – “Change”

“Change,” is a great song with a heck of a message. Definitely one that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out the official video below!

Tadashi – “Only You”

Absolutely love the acoustic vibe on “Only You.” Vocally, its a pretty impressive song. Production is on point. Need some good music? Add this one to your playlist.

fredrik Wott – “True Love”
Great song, especially since this is being posted on Valentine’s Day. Love the old time rock n roll feel of this track. Vocally, the new single is pretty impressive. Check it out below!

Dexter and the Moonrocks – “Couch”

“Couch,” caught my ear in the best way possibly. Absolutely love the laid back feel of the new track. It is a chill song but full of emotions as well. The songwriting in “Couch,” is pretty impressive and does a great job at telling the story of the song.

Anthony Alexander – “Sign of the First Star”

As described by Anthony, its “A journey through space, the culmination of planets, stars and the void.” Interesting song with some pretty intense instrumentals. It pays off in this track and transports you to a different place. Make sure to add this one to your playlist and check it out below.

Staytus – “Hourglass”

Cool vocals with a really cool vibe. You can hear the pain in her voice, in the new track, which brings more emotion to the song. Check it out below!

The Slashes – “Valentine Slip”

Vocalist/guitarist Esteban Rene explains “Valentine Slip” is “about accepting our true nature, the duality of the good and bad in this character, with one side winning eventually and giving in to his true self.” “Valentine Slip,” is an instrumental masterpiece with powerful vocals and a really chill vibe as well. This one is a must add to your playlist.

Straytus – “Part Of Me”

This is Straytus‘ 2nd single on this list. This one is more of an ominous sound, but showcases her vocals in the forefront, which is a beautiful thing. This song is very melodic and mildly therapeutic. Add this one to your playlist as well.

Frank D – “can’t go away”

First off, this guy has a very intense flow and can deliver bars. This is a pretty incredible track. No matter what genre, storytelling is one of the most important things in songwriting, and this is no exception. This is a pretty cool song and if you are a rap/r&b fan, add this one to your playlist. You won’t regret it.

Kid Travis – “Butterflies”

“Butterflies,” is a feel good song with with impressive vocals and mesmerizing instrumentals. The production and songwriting are both on point. Such a great song with a great message. Make sure to add this one to your playlist.

Francesca Anderegg / Matthew McCright – Ginastera Pampeana No. 1, Rhapsody, Op. 16

What an absolutely stunning piece of work here. The melodies and production are on point. The environment that this piece creates is absolutely beautiful. So much talent and emotion, all in one song. Absolutely stunning. Wow. This one is a must have for any instrumental fans here.

The Lovelines – 1-800-LOVELINE

What a song to feature on Valentine’s Day. Such a cool, uptempo sound. Production and vocals are stunning. The instrumentals in the background give it an edge on a lot of songs out there right now. This is such a smart song and a great one to have on your playlists.

See Also

Springworks – “Electrocutioner’s Tale”

The instrumentals are probably my favorite part of this song. Such an interesting concept and great vocals as well. But the background instrumentals are pretty cool and keep the listener on their toes. Such a cool song. Check it out below!

Ron Lomont – “Real With You”

“Real With You,” is such a catchy track. It features some really great vocals and incredible production as well. This song just flows smoothly from start to finish. Great addition to any playlist. If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out “Real With You,” below.

Toroweins and Benny Holmes – “Flaws : Laws”

This is an incredibly well produced song. The flow of this track is just seamless. The story of the song is very compelling too. If you need a track to round out your playlist, check out “Flaws : Laws” below.

Spoken Art – “Window Seat”

“Window Seat,” is a very catchy track with some infectious vocals and a great melody. Reminds me of 90s/early 00’s inspired rap/r&b, which is where its at. If you are a fan of great music, check out “Window Seat,” below!

Emcee.M – Pista

The new track by Emcee.M is really well produced. You can tell all of the different influences he has in this song. He has a good flow to his lines and the backing track is really well done too. This one would be a good one to add to your playlist.

Morgan Myers – “Fighting Myself”

“Fighting Myself,” is a really well done song with a very intense message. Production is on point too. Vocally, Morgan sounds pretty impressive. You can hear the emotion in his voice as he is making his way through this song. Check it out below.

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