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New Release Friday – Side A | August 19th 2022

New Release Friday – Side A | August 19th 2022

New Release Friday

We are back with our New Release Friday – Side A. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Vantage | “Sweet Spot”

Vantage just released a new track, “Sweet Spot.” The new single has an infectious feel-good energy and radiates positivity. The production is on point and does a great job at showing off the energy of the track. The vocals are really refreshing and are set up to be showcased throughout the single. Definitely a cool track that deserves to be added to your playlists.

Autumn Kings | “Terrified”

Autumn Kings is a rock/pop band founded in Detroit, Michigan / Windsor, Ontario in 2015. They just released a new track, “Terrified.” The track is super heavy, which is evident with the instrumentals and the hardcore vocals. Seriously, this is such a cool piece that has everything you could need in a song. The vocals are absolutely insane. Seriously some of the best that I have heard. Make sure to give this one an add to your playlists.

Valoramous | “Rock The Dome”

As a veteran-turned-DJ/Producer, Valoramous developed a strong interest for (EDM) and Future Bass while living abroad and traveling across numerous countries on the continents of Europe and Asia between 2008 and 2016. After moving to New York City (NYC) in 2017, Valoramous ignited his career as a disc jockey (DJ) and EDM producer in an effort to fuse energy, euphoria, and EDM. They just released a new track, “Rock The Dome.” It is really well done. There is so much energy in this track. It is really refreshing. Definitely a song that needs to be added to your playlists. Check it out.

Seafret | “Running Out Of Love”

Seafret just released a new track, “Running Out Of Love.” It is taken from their upcoming EP Anywhere From Here, releasing on October 7th, and it tackles issues of how the internet and social media affects us and distorts the expectations and reality of how relationships work. We are bombarded by picture perfect relationships online which make us compare them to our real life relationships. The instrumentals are really well done and compliment the vocals completely. Vocally, it is a stunning performance that encapsulates what it takes to be an artist. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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We have featured Kid Travis quite a few times and now he is back with a new single, “By My Side.” The new track is a bit different that the others he has released. This one has a throwback feel to it, which is super refreshing. With it being a slow-jam, his vocals are front and center in the track. This is smart since he has such a strong voice. A strong vocal performance that deserves to be added to your playlists.

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