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New Release Friday | March 4th 2022

New Release Friday | March 4th 2022

New Release Friday

We have quite a few tracks for New Release Friday. Check them out below.

Jackson Guthy | “Like I Did”

Jackson Guthy is back with a new single, “Like I Did.” He does a great job showcasing the emotion of the song throughout the entire track. The vocals are really well done. They blend well with the background instrumentals. His range is very impressive. All in all, it is a solid song and deserves a place on your playlists.

Jagger | “The Sixties”

Jagger is back with a new track, “The Sixties. The new single has a nostalgic feel to it, but also manages to feel fresh, which is pretty impressive. The vocals are just mesmerizing and pair well with the instrumentals. Definitely one to add to your playlists this week.

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Luna Keller | “Wanderer

Luna Keller just released “Wanderer.” First off, her voice is beautifully intoxicating. One of those voices that you just want to hear sing everything. The instrumentals are also very peaceful but compliment her vocals wonderfully. If you are fan of genuinely good music, you will love this new track by Luna Keller.

Wind Walkers | “Dead Talk”

Wind Walkers just released their new single, “Dead Talk.” The instrumentals are really impressive in this new track. We usually navigate towards powerful vocals when we feature a song and this one is just that. The vocals are absolutely insane. The range is incredible. All in all, this is a strong release by a very talented group. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Jesse Cofty | “Used To”

The cool thing with Country Music is that it usually tells a story. Jesse Cofty does a great job at doing just that. The storytelling aspect is really refreshing and needs to be found more in Country Music. His voice is perfectly suited for this type of song. The instrumentals are beautiful as well. All in all, its a great song that you should add to your playlists.

VASSY x GT_Ofice | “Tuff”

This is such a cool song with some feel-good vibes. The beat in the background is really impressive. There are so many different dynamics in the song which make it memorable. The vocals are impressive too. I absolutely love when an artist can just let go and showcase their voice, so this track is pretty awesome. This one is a must add to any of your playlists.

Nolan Buchanan | “See You Soon”

Nolan Buchanan is back with a new single, “See You Soon.” This song is definitely a vibe. The instrumentals are on point. It is pretty cool that he was able to make it sound like an acoustic song but at the same time, having a beat and making it feel fresh. He has such a strong voice which is showcased throughout the entire song. Definitely a strong release that you should add to your playlists.

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Jonas Hain | “Reflection”

What an absolutely beautiful piece. The melody is incredible. Jonas does a great job at keeping the listeners attention and leave them wanting more. One of my favorite instrumentals that I have heard in a long time. This is a must add to your playlists.

Chris Crow | “Nobody Wants to Walk Alone”

Such a beautiful song. Chris has a strong voice that just demands attention. Here, he does a great job at capturing the emotion of the song and getting the listeners in their feels. Absolutely love this song and the message. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Twin + Earth | “Daydream”

Twin + Earth released a new track, “Daydream.” I absolutely love the composition of the song. The background instrumentals are really well done and captivating. Then you have the vocals, which are wonderfully done. The vocals and the instrumentals compliment each other very nicely. Such a great song that should be added to your playlists.

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