Michael Dunstan | “Walk the Streets on Sunrise”- Single Review

Michael Dunstan

Michael Dunstan just released a new single, “Walk the Streets on Sunrise.” Check out the full track and review below!

Michael Dunstan’s pensive writing reflects and explores periods of travel, light and dark, the calm and silence in between, and the accompanying revelations and growth.

At 24 years of age, the Western Australian has ventured far from his Central Wheatbelt hometown of Northam, extensively touring Australia four times, and New Zealand twice in the last 18 months to great reward. Michael’s presence is now being felt globally, amassing more than 7 million streams on Spotify alone.

With his new single, Michael Dunstan has knocked it out of the park. The instrumentals are really well done and are mixed beautifully. Vocally, the song is very strong and checks all the boxes on a great song. All in all, this is a great song that should be added to your playlists.

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