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Matt Simons | “Years”

Matt Simons | “Years”

Matt Simons

Matt Simons just released his new track, “Years.” Check out the full track and review below!

Matt Simons has worked continuously for a decade now, achieving huge success – particularly in continental Europe – with music that comes straight from the soul. A West Coast talent who found success outside his homeland, his music has reached huge audiences, with both studio albums to date – ‘Pieces’ and ‘Catch & Release’ – moving across the continent, starting with the Netherlands until all of Europe knew his name.

Passionate and driven, songs were pouring out of Matt – working with alacrity. And 2022 will bring the release of his 4th Studio album ‘Identity Crisis’ – bringing together some of his recent hit singles including Better Tomorrow, Cold and Identity Crisis. He’s changing, and the music is changing, too, adopting new influences but returning to those same truths. I’m often asked to describe my music in 3 words or less. The answer I like to give is “an identity crisis.” This album reflects the wide range of styles I love and am heavily influenced by.’ 

Breaking down his approach and building anew, he’s perpetually pulled back to one phrase. ‘Identity Crisis’ is one of the songs on the album and it’s also an overarching theme. Just look at those song titles – ‘Too Much’ looks at party culture in the face, and wonders where the line is. “I feel it’s a relatable thing for anyone who likes to party,” he comments. “How do you know you’re fulfilled…? And unfortunately, you only know you’ve made it if you’ve gone too far.” 

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He adds: “As a songwriter it’s important that you’re not bound to writing about only autobiographical things happening in your life right now. You’ve got to be able to draw on the past, and other people’s experiences.”

Matching his own experiences to the world drifting around him, this Californian songwriter is ready to go further, to feel more, than ever before. “The core of the song needs to be good enough to stand on its own,” he explains. “I needed all those years of songwriting experience to really do this justice”.

Fully unpacking long-held emotions, pulling down the gates and letting others into his life. It’s a bold move, but it’s one he doesn’t regret. Pausing, he finishes: “I think it’s very cathartic.”

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Matt will support the release of his new album Identity Crisis with an extensive tour supporting classical crossover titans 2Cellos, who embark on their last ever tour of the US and Europe. Hitting some of the world’s biggest arena venues from LA to New York, Prague to Paris, London to Berlin and many cities in between, this is the biggest tour Matt has undertaken to date.

He just released, “Years,” his latest single. The new track is really well done. The instrumentals and backing track have an atmospheric vibe to it, which resembles Coldplay. His voice is at the forefront of, “Years.” He has such a strong, unique voice and it is really refreshing to hear it presented this way. This is definitely one that you should add to your playlists.

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