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Mack Imagine | “don’t give up on me yet”

Mack Imagine | “don’t give up on me yet”

Mack Imagine

We have previously featured Mack Imagine. Now they are back with a new track, “don’t give up on me yet.” Check out the full track and review below!


Mack Imagine is a singer-songwriting pop duo based in Southern California formed in 2020. During the pandemic, Matthew Zeko (guitar, vocals) and Jack Brady (piano, vocals) decided to quit covering songs, and started to write their own. Reaching from their life experiences and musical influences, the two began to quickly create their own aesthetic through their vocals and guitar melody writing. One song after another, the two began to craft their own sonic style behind the luscious guitars of John Mayer, punchy kits of Charlie Puth and crafty melodies of Jeremy Zucker. Mack Imagine’s sound always seems to evolve the more the members write, always with a focus on chasing emotion, at all costs.

Southern California has always been a home to Matt and Jack, and Mack Imagine could not exist without it. Matt and Jack met in Middle School and have been intertwined with music ever since. They both became scintillated with the way that music could tell stories about life like nothing else could. In the early days, they began to make cover songs, and perform just for fun, but by the time the pandemic started, they realized that their lonely songs could become so much more. It was official: Mack Imagine was born. It’s been a long journey from the first time that Matt and Jack began to write, but this is just the beginning.


They just released a new track, “don’t give up on me yet.” Check it out below!

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They track is really well done. The instrumentals are beautiful and compliment the vocals perfectly. The harmonies are on point. Their voices are stunning and do a great job at showing off their versatility and vulnerability throughout the song. The production is also top notch. Definitely one of my favorites released this week. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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