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Lerocque x Sean Joseph | “Like Home”

Lerocque x Sean Joseph | “Like Home”


Lerocque and Sean Joseph just released their new single, “Like Home.” Check out the full track and review below!

Lerocque is a tireless vocalist with no fear of musical genre boundaries. He was born as Pedro Rodrigues in Portugal and emigrated in the 90s with his parents to Switzerland.

Sean Joseph is the epitome of an up-and-coming rapper, focusing on “All the vibes and my story too.” He’s also Haitian, and puts that heritage proudly on display. He has firsthand seen the life of a starving artist in his household- both his mom and dad were struggling with their acting and music careers. But the rapper’s dynamic energy is enough to achieve both his and his parent’s dreams and more.

They just released the new track, “Like Home.” The single is really well done. The backing track is incredibly energetic. The backing track also does a great job at setting up the vocals and letting them soar throughout the track. It is really refreshing that they can show off their vocals, all while keeping up the energy. Such a great song that needs to be added to your playlists.

We have added this one to our “Move It w/MOTR” Spotify playlist which you can follow below.

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