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KRYSTOF | “Head & Heart”

KRYSTOF | “Head & Heart”


KRYSTOF just released a new track, “Head & Heart.” Check out the full track and review below!

KRYSTOF is 19 years old and based out of blissful Carinthia, Austria. At the age of 5, probably in Kindergarten, his favorite way to express himself was singing made up songs out of his mind, trying to play the guitar and making it look he’s showcasing his own concert. As he grew up in an utterly musical family, with his mother being a professional folk-singer, he perfected his creative talent in his bloodline.

KRYSTOF wrote his first song with self-learned guitar chords at age 14. Back in 2016, he evoked posting cover songs to Instagram, later on self- promoted his tracks on Spotify and YouTube, with a gigantic number of global listeners in about 75 countries, encouraged by singer & songwriter Sofia Karlberg.

In 2019 he was living in England/ Brighton, where he got into music even more. Since 2020, KRYSTOF is taking professional vocal lessons to additionally perfect his sound. After being discovered on Instagram by A&R manager Jazz Egger, he signed to Global Rockstar, a Viennese record label.

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He just released his new single, “Head & Heart.” The new single puts his voice in the forefront while also balancing the background track/instrumentals. His voice really strong, which he showcases throughout the song. He does a great job at keeping up energy of the song, while delivering strong vocals. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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