Kelly Clarkson Releases “Kellyoke” EP


Kelly Clarkson just released her new highly anticipated, “Kellyoke,” EP. In honor of this incredible release, we are doing a review of each track. Check them out below!

Blue Bayou | Original Artist – Linda Ronstadt

First up on this covers EP is, “Blue Bayou,” originally by Linda Ronstadt. She takes a classic and makes it her own with this cover. This one shows off her vocals beautifully. Kelly Clarkson has the ability to capture the emotion of the song and make it seem like the song was hers originally. Definitely a strong start to the EP.

Call Out My Name | Original Artist – The Weeknd

“Call Out My Name,” is up next on Kellyoke. This song was originally by The Weeknd. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing this song at some point. Even with it being such a popular song, Kelly found a way to make it fresh and even more inviting than the original. Another strong vocal performance by the Pop Queen herself.

“Happier Than Ever” | Original Artist – Billie Eilish

Her first single off of the EP, “Happier Than Ever, is up next. This one was originally released by Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish released a much different version, with it being more subdued. Kelly’s version is much more vocal centric with a lot more energy as well. It is like she is living the story of the song, which if you know what she has been through in the past few years, it is very possible. Definitely a standout vocal performance.

“Queen Of The Night” | Original Artist – Whitney Houston

Holy S*** at this track. “Queen Of The Night,” has everything that is needed in pop music. The beginning of the song really brings the drama. After that, she just lets go with her vocals. This is like a hard rock/pop take on a Whitney Houston classic. This could easily be the soundtrack to an HBO special, in the best way possible. This one will definitely be on repeat.

“Trampoline” | Original Artist – SHAED

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“Trampoline,” is up second to last. It was originally by SHAED. This one was their biggest hit so it is really difficult to release it and still make it fresh and popular. Kelly rose to the challenge again and knocked it out of the park. Vocally, she sounds absolutely outstanding. This one is definitely a standout on the new EP.

“Fake Plastic Trees” | Original Artist – Radiohead

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this is no exception. Last up is, “Fake Plastic Trees,” originally by Radiohead. This is also a different take on a pretty well known song. She captures the emotion of the song perfectly and puts a new spin on it. Her head voice is very prominent here which is absolutely beautiful. Towards the end of the song, she lets her vocals loose and everything else is just confetti. Perfect song to end this perfect Kelly Clarkson Kellyoke EP.

All in all, this is a perfect EP and I don’t say that lightly. I do wish it was a bit longer, such as a full length album, but considering Kelly Clarkson has done over 500 covers for her talk show alone, we have a lot of material to get us by until the next release.

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