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Kelly Clarkson is “Floored” During a Game with Anne Hathaway

Kelly Clarkson is “Floored” During a Game with Anne Hathaway

Kelly Clarkson Anne Hathaway

Kelly Clarkson can beat just about anyone in a singing duel, but Anne Hathaway somehow brought the singer to her knees during a heated music game.

=The hilarious scene unfolded during the latest episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” when the talk show host challenged her guest to a game of “Sing That Name That Tune,” hosted by comedian Matt Iseman.

At the beginning of the clip, Iseman told Clarkson she “better start stepping up” her game if she didn’t want Hathaway, who was ahead by three points, to beat her.

“Can you play a freaking song I’ll know?” the singer joked. 

The band then started to play a few notes of Clarkson’s hit “Since U Been Gone,” and Hathaway recognized it immediately, even before the singer did.

The actor stepped forward on her platform and began belting out the classic tune with plenty of attitude. Meanwhile, Clarkson was literally floored and instantly dropped to her knees as she realized what had just happened.

The 39-year-old then planted her face on the floor and spread out, figuratively tipping her hat to her talented guest. She was clearly impressed by the actor’s chops, too, and stepped off her platform to let Hathaway shine.

Kelly Clarkson Anne Hathaway

After the performance, Clarkson stepped back onto her platform to get ready for the next round and Hathaway stepped off to bow to the genius behind the song.

“How did you know it from just that?” Clarkson asked Hathaway in amazement.

Hathaway flattered the talk show host at this point, saying “Kelly Clarkson, if you do not understand how much we all love that song. Everybody here knew it on the first (beat).”

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“What? She knew it from boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,” the singer said incredulously.

Iseman chimed in with a joke at this point. “Anne Hathaway will be doing a Kelly Clarkson tribute show in Vegas,” he said, prompting the actor to say she loves the song.

Clarkson acknowledged that the experience was “embarrassing” but she was a good sport and joked, asking if she should “just quit.”

“Jesus, take the wheel,” she said

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