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Ivan B | “I Want You”

Ivan B | “I Want You”

Ivan B

Ivan B just released his new single, “I Want You.” Check out the full track and review below!

Ivan B is a premier pop & hip-hop music artist that has been killing the independent game for years. Ivan’s captivating melodies and relatable lyrics have been inspiring listeners since 2016 and have led to one of the most dedicated fanbases in independent pop & hip-hop.

Ivan thanks his fans for their support as his style and talent have evolved over the years. He feels truly fortunate to have the fans that he does, and he hopes to continue inspiring his listeners for years to come.

The new track is really well done. The backing track is compelling and pair well with his vocals. He has such a great voice, so it is refreshing to hear it in the forefront of the new single. This is definitely one that should be added to your playlists.

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