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Harry Styles Releases “Late Night Talking,” Music Video

Harry Styles Releases “Late Night Talking,” Music Video

Harry Styles

Harry Styles just released his highly anticipated new music video for, “Late Night Talking.” Check it out below!

Harry Styles had announced yesterday that his music video for “Late Night Talking,” the second single off his May-released third studio album Harry’s House, was releasing today.

Posted to his headquarters’ official Instagram account, the teaser video opens with a shot of the 28-year-old pop star — or rather, a shot of his just his feet. Lying in bed under a blanket, Styles shakes his blue-socked toes to the tune of “Late Night Talking,” which he whistles off camera, before the video cuts to a second clip of him grinning widely in pink polka dot pajamas.

The sneak peek left much to the imagination, only showing Styles smiling amid an unmade bed and flipping feet-first against the headboard while whistling along to the song’s melody. In light of the newly released clip, it seems Styles romping around London a few months ago was indeed in the midst of this video shoot, as fans predicted.

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