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Exclusive Interview | Walker County

Exclusive Interview | Walker County

Walker County

We are back with our interviews here at Music On The Rox. This week, we have and exclusive interview with Walker County, who made their National TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Check out our full interview below!

CASS from Music On The RoxThanks for doing this interview with me today. First, congrats on making your TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show. That is a huge accomplishment. How does that make you feel to perform on such an iconic show? 

Walker County – We have loved Kelly Clarkson since we were little girls and she was on American Idol! So to have our TV debut on her show was literally a dream come true! She was so, so kind and sweet to us, it made our first experience the best! 

It seems like such an amazing experience. So, You’ve shared the stage with some incredible artists. What were those experiences like?

We’ve had the chance to open up for people we have looked up to our entire lives. Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, Dwight Yoakam, and Wynonna Judd …to just name a few. When we shared the stage with them, it felt like such a full circle moment! To stand side stage and watch these legends perform is the coolest thing ever! 


Speaking of legends and influences: If you could duet with any artist, who would you choose?

We would LOVE to sing with Dolly Parton. She is such a powerhouse and someone Ivy and I look up to as an artist, songwriter, and business woman! She is such an inspiration, and to have a duet with her would be incredible! 

Congrats on the new track! Your latest single “Liar” is such a great song. Can you give us some background on the song?

“Liar” came from a real life moment between sisters! I asked Ivy if she was over someone, and she said yes! I said “you are such a liar!” because sisters tend to know each other better than anyone else. We took note of that moment and brought it up in a write with David Garcia and Hillary Lindsey, and our song “Liar” was born! 

I always love to hear about how different songs were born. I think that is what makes a performance memorable, when you know the background of it. What is your favorite part about performing?

Our passion is performing! We love getting to connect with the audience and share our music with new people. We also love the glitz and glamour of getting ready for a performance! Putting on our show outfits, getting ourselves decked out in glitter, and ready to rock and roll will never get old.


That is amazing. Such a fun part of being in the business. What advice do you have for someone trying to make it in the music business?

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Persistence is so important. This business has so many ups and downs, it’s easy to say, “this is too hard” or “am I ever going to make an impact”! But we promise you… if you persist and keep a positive attitude, every small victory is no longer small. 

That is really awesome advice. What would you like to tell your fans that have stuck with you throughout the years?

We’d like to tell them, “Thank You.” Every person who has supported us throughout the years has become part of our story. Without them, we would not get to create, travel, and make this music. The fans are the most important piece to this puzzle! 

We would like to say a special thanks to Walker County for doing this interview with us here at Music On The Rox. Make sure to follow them on Facebook above, and stream “Liar,” on all major streaming services.

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