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Eloise Viola | “Begging” – Single Review

Eloise Viola | “Begging” – Single Review

Eloise Viola

Eloise Viola is back with a new single, “Begging.” In honor of this impressive release, we have decided to do a review. Check it out below

According to her website, Combining a hard-working attitude with raw talent, Eloise has all the ingredients to make the world take notice. Eloise has grown her fanbase worldwide, performing on a UK wide tour accompanied by a full regional radio tour, resulting in a huge increase in airplay support and streams (currently edging towards the 10 million streams Mark)

“Begging,” is, in short, an absolute bop. The track features some impressive backing instrumentals. My favorite part of the song are the vocals. She has such a strong voice that commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. If you are a fan of genuinely good music, make sure to add this one to all of your playlists.

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