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Chris de Sarandy | “How To Say Goodbye”

Chris de Sarandy | “How To Say Goodbye”

Chris de Sarandy

Chris De Sarandy just released a new track, “How To Say Goodbye.” Check out the full version, demo and review below!

About Chris de Sarandy

Hailing from South West England, the 24-year-old started playing in an indie band from the young age of 14 but felt frustrated due to wanting to do more than his bandmates. He moved from indie to pop, calling his own music more natural and mature. This pattern emerges early on and runs through the life of the Briton – don’t think twice, just do it and follow your heart! What’s always there is his music, in which he captures his emotions and collected experiences. 

Moving On

He moved to London and attends the renowned BRIT School, where, among others, Adele and Jessie J studied before him. After finishing his degree in Leeds, Chris moved to Berlin to work at a design agency. “I studied Graphic Design because it was the safe option. Music was always my main passion”, says the singer-songwriter. Throughout his time in Berlin, he met more and more producers and musicians with whom he started working.


Chris de Sarandy just released a new track, “How To Say Goodbye.” Check it out below.

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Both, “How To Say Goodbye,” and the demo version are absolutely breathtaking. He has one of those voices that you just want to hear more of. In the demo version, it is more raw and showcases his voice even more. Out of the two, I do believe that the demo is my favorite, just because of how big of a fan of his voice I am. One of my favorite performances in the last year.

What did you think of the new song and demo? You can check out both versions on our “Let’s Get Sad,” playlist below! Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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