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Ceara Cavalieri | “Radio Silence”

Ceara Cavalieri | “Radio Silence”

Ceara Cavalieri

Ceara Cavalieri just released a new song, “Radio Silence.” Check out the full track and review below!

Ceara Cavalieri is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Southern California. Having graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, Cavalieri has since dedicated herself to pursuing music full time. Her love for music stems from the age of three, where she found her voice and wouldn’t stop singing. In her teenage years she took to songwriting as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings when her shyness prevented. With 6 single releases under her belt thus far, Cavalieri is carving out her own distinct sound of incredibly infectious and candidly relatable pop rock music.

She just released, “Radio Silence.” This is such a cool upbeat song that has a lot of great elements to it. The background instrumentals are really well done. It keeps the energy of the song up and compliments her vocals completely. The vocals are awesome too. She does a great job at showing off her range throughout the track. Make sure to add this one to your playlists.

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