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Brainheart x Dorel | “Keep Me From Falling Apart”

Brainheart x Dorel | “Keep Me From Falling Apart”


Brainheart, has joined forces with singer/songwriter Dorel to create a stunning love song. Check out the new track below!

Brainheart does a great job at creating an atmospheric sound that features Dorel’s vocals. Dorel has one of those voices that just cuts through the music and demands attention. His versatility and tone is something that can’t be taught. Production is also top notch. Absolutely stunning performance.

“This song is about complicated relationships. Everybody must realize that healthy relationships aren’t perfect. As human beings, we are all flawed and that’s ok. There are so many people out there who believe in finding “the perfect partner”. Sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones you never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you’ve ever had”

You can also check out the full acoustic version of the track below as well!

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