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Alexes Hardt | “Joke”

Alexes Hardt | “Joke”

Alexes Hardt

Alexes Hardt just released her new single, “Joke.” Check out the latest track and review below.

Originally from Floriday, The twenty-six year old has written bits and pieces of lyrics ever since she was a child. Now based in Nashville, she is ready to make a splash with her own original music.

“Joke” is a great example of a strong pop song. There are a lot of different elements in the new track that keep the listener engaged in the music. The instrumentals/backing track are really well done. I absolutely love the different effects that are being used throughout the song. They compliment her vocals perfectly. She has such a strong voice so it is really cool that it is getting shown off in the new track.

“I would love for fans to listen to this song and feel empowered,” Alexes explains. “Although its about a toxic relationship, it’s more about coming out of denial and accepting the relationship for what it is. It’s about taking your power back.”

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