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The Travelin’ Rose Band | Slipping Into Daydreams – Album Review

The Travelin’ Rose Band | Slipping Into Daydreams – Album Review

Travelin Rose Band

The Travelin’ Rose Band is a Denver based Southern Rock group, ready to make their name known in the Music World. They just released their new album, Slipping into Daydreams. They even had the opportunity to record this new album at the historic Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Here is what they had to say about their new album.

“I would say it was mainly inspired by the desire to escape negativity in the world, the massive health issues + social issues + politics… create an environment with music that allows expansion, mental freedom, supports spontaneity and honestly more joyful in nature.”

In honor of this new release, we have decided to review the album as a whole. Full tracklist is below and the review is at the bottom. Enjoy the new release.



“Slipping Into Daydreams”

“Don’t Eat The Cake”

“Father’s Fields”

“I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)}

“Hippie Song”

“Into the Sea”

See Also

“Praying for Rain”

“Space and Time”

“Greenwood, Mississippi”

The new album has a ton of potential to get huge on the radio. Instrumentally, this album is pretty impressive. Even with the huge production and instrumentals, the vocals still stand out on their own. He really showcases his vocals throughout the entire album. The lead vocals have a very raw sound, which actually plays into the creativity of the album. It is evident that a lot of work went into this new release. If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out the new album.

You can also check out the latest announcement by The Travelin’ Rose Band below!

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