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Rich Hennessy | “Break the Silence”

Rich Hennessy | “Break the Silence”

Rich Hennessy

Rich Hennessy is a Nashville based singer/songwriter who grew up in New Jersey.

“Growing up as a public school student in a small New Jersey town, I saw how politics worked and their effect on everyday life, especially on the school system,” says Hennessy. “By high school, I recognized what corruption looked like and that it was everywhere. So many times on both sides officials would say, ‘Well, what about the children?’ but I remember feeling, ‘They have no idea what children want–no one ever asked us.’ Who was actually advocating for students?’ So around high school, I decided it would be me. I started showing up to school board meetings, advocating for what I thought was in the best interest for the students. I went toe to toe with Teacher’s Unions and Administration.”

Hennessy carried with him his love of advocacy to college, representing his fellow students and eventually becoming student government president.

After a string of life-changing events post-college that forced Hennessy to look inward, Rich’s father, who shares a deep passion for music and songwriting, invited Rich to join him on a trip to Nashville. Rich found himself in the studio with budding songwriters and artists, and everything clicked: the boy who loved to belt show tunes, the teenager who was compelled to advocate, and the proud gay man who had come out of the closet and learned to love himself. “I can do this, and I should have done this a long time ago.”

Rich Hennessy

Hennessy moved across the river to NYC and began booking gigs around town, eventually landing local opening slots for national acts. But he couldn’t shake what he had experienced in Nashville – a vibrant pop music scene driven by a tight-knit network of songwriters, artists, and producers.

Rich Hennessy released his last single, “You’re the Voice,” last year. Rich is back with an impressive new single, “Break the Silence.”

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Rich has done it again with this release. His voice has never sounded better. The way he transitions from his lower register to his upper register is pretty impressive. Vocally, he reminds me of Adam Lambert. The message of this single is captivating but the real standout is Rich’s voice. It is evident that he was born to do this and to use his voice for something bigger. This song does just that. “Break The Silence,” is a track that everyone should listen to.

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