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Mitch Rossell | “2020” – Single

Mitch Rossell | “2020” – Single

Mitch Rossell

Mitch Rossell, originally from the hills of East Tennessee, is blazing a trail through the world of Country Music. We have previously featured Mitch with his previous singles, “Seemed Like a Good Idea,”and “Then Again.” He just released his new single, “2020.” Check it out below.

Mitch Rossell is back with a perfect song to close out the year, aptly titled “2020.” This is a very heartfelt song about all of the struggles we faced in 2020. Vocally, his voice is outstanding in this new single. He really showcases his range throughout the song.

“2020,” is a much needed song, especially now. Going into a new year, it is important to reflect on 2020 and grow from it. This song does a great job at putting you into that mindset and getting you ready for the New Year. Check out “2020.” It is available on all major streaming platforms!

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