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Joey Hendricks | “Between the Clouds” – EP Review

Joey Hendricks | “Between the Clouds” – EP Review

Joey Hendricks

Joey Hendricks moved from Anacortes, Washington, to Nashville in 2017. He signed a publishing deal with Parallel Entertainment. He was recently signed to Sony Music Nashville as well. We have recently featured Joey Hendricks with his single, “Yours or Mine and his Christmas single, “Happy Xmas, (War is Over)”. Now, Joey just released his new EP, Between the Clouds. First song off the EP, is “Yours or Mine.” Check out the video below.

This song starts off with some strong instrumentals. This is a very modern Country track with some throwback 90’s influences to it. The lyrics are very catchy as well. The instrumentals are impressive as well. The way he uses the different effects and still incorporate the acoustic guitar is pretty cool. This is a good example of a modern country song sticking to some classic storytelling roots. Next up is his most recent single, “Hollywood.”

“Hollywood,” is a Modern Country song that has some 90s influences. Joey’s voice really shines throughout the song. With the instrumental mainly in the background, in pushes Joey’s voice to the forefront, which is where it should be. Vocally, this new single is beautiful. When you pair his voice to the instrumentals in the back, it is instantly magic. “Hollywood,” is the love song you never knew you needed. Next up is “Top Drawer.”

“Top Drawer,” is a perfect example of a storytelling song, which makes Country Music great. Storytelling is lacking in today’s music, so it is really refreshing that this is out in the world now. His vocals are spot on but the story of the song, is the real standout here. “Going Home,” is the next song on this highly anticipated EP.

“Going Home,” takes notes from 90’s Country, which is my favorite time period for Country Music. His voice and the instrumentals are both impressive but the story is the standout here as well. Most people are going to relate to this one. “Drifter,” is the last song on this EP.

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“Drifter,” has more of a Classic Rock/Country feel to it. Vocally, he really lets loose in this new track. Pair that with the intense instrumentals, and you have a very memorable single. This new EP is seriously impressive. It has got everything from vocals, hardcore instrumentals, and storytelling for days. If you are a fan of genuine Country Music, check out Joey Hendricks. Between the Clouds is available on all major streaming platforms!

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