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Gabrielle Mooney | “BAD”

Gabrielle Mooney | “BAD”

Gabrielle Mooney

Gabrielle Mooney is coming off of a very successful 2020. You may recognize Gabrielle Mooney from our previous features of her songs, “Pray For You,” “Come on In,” and “Fire Love.”

She is back with a highly anticipated new single, “Bad.” Check it out below

Gabrielle had this to say about the new single. “BAD” tells the story of a time in my life I wasn’t sure of the difference between bad and good. This song is me talking to God, telling him that I like things like rock music, all black, tattoos, piercings, being a little rebellious. It’s me asking if he’s cool with me being this way, or if I’m backsliding away from him.”

Her vocals are absolutely stunning in this new track. You can tell she had a blast recording it. This is one of those songs that you will be playing on repeat. If you want a great song to add to your playlist, check out “BAD.” Available on all major streaming platforms.

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