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Chris Housman | “Blueneck”

Chris Housman | “Blueneck”

Chris Housman

Chris Housman grew up outside a small Kansas town. He began his musical journey at the age of 7, when he taught himself to play the fiddle. He also has Bluegrass and Motown roots as well. After a move to Nashville, he is ready to make his mark in Country Music. We have previously featured Chris, with his single, “Tomorrow, Tonight.” Chris is back with a new single, “Blueneck.” This new single went viral on TikTok with over 2.2 Million views. Check it out below.


APRIL 7th!! Let’s blow this up one more time b4 it’s out. 💙💙💙#countrymusic #queercountry #rednecks4rainbows #progressive #blueneck

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Check out the full audio below as well.

“Blueneck,” is a very progressive Country Song about being a blue person living in a red state. A lot of people are going to relate to this one. This song mentions everything from Black Lives Matter, to equality as well. His vocals really shine in this new release. It is highly successful on the TikTok platform, just because of how relatable the song is and how the message is being received. This is one of those songs that deserves to be played on the radio. If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out Chris Housman below.

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