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Casi Joy | “The Money”

Casi Joy | “The Money”

Casi Joy

Casi Joy is a singer/songwriter making waves in the music industry. With a huge social media presence (over 250,000 followers on Facebook), she is already making a name for herself. She was also on The Voice back in 2017 where she impressed all of the coaches.

Her memorable tone and impressive range, led to her being one of the favorites that season. Casi Joy is back with a new single, “The Money,” which is something a lot of people are going to relate to. Check out the video below.

“The Money,” is a catchy song about, you guessed it, Money. This is a fun song about the struggles of having money or not having money. She really showcases her range throughout the song. Her high notes are impressive but she really shines with the lower notes as well. Such a fun song by an up and coming singer/songwriter. With this new single, she has made herself a place at the Country Music table. If you are a fan of great vocals, fun story and a catchy melody, check out, “The Money.” Available on all major streaming platforms.

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