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Aaron Friend and the Enemies | “Over The Edge”

Aaron Friend and the Enemies | “Over The Edge”

Aaron Friend and The Enemies

As a kid growing up in Cleveland, Aaron first explored his musical talents at a young age, quickly earning attention for his three-and-a-half-octave vocal range. While he spent much of his childhood singing in a cappella groups (as well as undergoing classical training in piano and saxophone), Friend soon followed his love for rock-and-roll and joined his first band—a turn of events that saw him playing nearly every rock club in Cleveland by the age of 16.

After briefly setting his music dreams aside, Friend picked up his guitar again during his sophomore year at MTSU. Over the coming years, he cycled through a number of bands and built up his touring experience—at one point sharing the bill with Maroon 5 and Lifehouse—but kept hitting major stumbling blocks in his attempts at launching a music career. “Every band I’d put together ended up falling apart, and after a while I felt so frustrated with the whole process,” he recalls.

By taking so many risks in bringing his latest project to life, Friend hopes to instill listeners with the same courage and clarity he found in the creative process. “I want people to come away from these songs feeling like a fog has been lifted,” he says. Aaron is back with a “Over The Edge.”

“Over the Edge,” is a more alt/indie rock song with an insanely catchy melody. The instrumentals are pretty impressive. He does a great job at building up the tension and releasing it throughout the song. Vocally, Aaron completely shows off his abilities in this new track. His range is pretty incredible.

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According to Aaron, “Over the Edge” is the perfect way to end this chapter and begin a new. In it’s origin, this song was written about following a special person in my life over a cliff. It was a song about taking a risk. It was about leaving a past and building a future with someone regardless of the difficulties we knew were ahead. Sometimes these risks we take end up costing us more than we ever imagined, but in the end we gain something else. Every decision in our lives holds a risk, and as we get older it becomes harder and harder to have the courage to wake up and find the strength to take another risk on something else. So we go blindly over the edge, day in and day out. Searching for that next chapter. My next chapter has begun!” Check out Aaron Friend and the Enemies below.

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