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2020 Nashville Music Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards Winners – Exclusive

2020 Nashville Music Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards Winners – Exclusive

Reader's Choice Awards

We have finally announced our winners for our 2020 Nashville Music Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards. Below are the winners for Top Artist, Top Group, Top Album/EP, and Top Single for 2020.

Quick Stats

“You Deserve Better” – 295,665 Spotify Streams
“You Deserve Better” (Route’s Remix) – 147,763 Spotify Streams
“Reset” – 70,802 Spotify Streams
“Reset” (Alphalove Radio Remix) – 204,379 Spotify Streams
“Reset” (Rare Candy Radio Remix) – 25,494 Spotify Streams
Over 21.4k followers on Instagram
“You Deserve Better” and “Reset” both charted Top 10 at Music Week.

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Quick Stats

Currently Over 65,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“She’s Alright” – 1,988,825 Streams on Spotify
“Rewind” – 319,384 Streams on Spotify
“Poison” – 1,366,782 Streams on Spotify
“Ex Lover Syndrome” – 221,703 Streams on Spotify
“ALL OUT OF LUCK” – 67,132 Streams on Spotify
New Single, “Ready For This,” out now.

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Quick Stats

Over 1,662,600 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“God So Loved” – 4,663,024 Streams on Spotify
“Holy Water” – 21,041,629 Streams on Spotify
“Peace” – 4,594,182 Streams on Spotify
52.3k Followers on Instagram
186k Subscribers on YouTube
Nominated for a Grammy
Collaboration with Chris Tomlin

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Quick Stats

38,881 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“Fire Love” – 131,278 Streams on Spotify
“Pray For You” – 34,676 Streams on Spotify
“Come On In” – 99,994 Streams on Spotify
64.4 Followers on Instagram
Helped Launch 3rd Eye High

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