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2020 Nashville Music Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards Winners – Exclusive

2020 Nashville Music Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards Winners – Exclusive

Reader's Choice Awards

We have finally announced our winners for our 2020 Music On The Rox (Nashville Music Reviews) Reader’s Choice Awards. Below are the winners for Top Artist, Top Group, Top Album/EP, and Top Single for 2020.

Top Artist – Ryan Hagan

Quick Stats

“You Deserve Better” – 295,665 Spotify Streams
“You Deserve Better” (Route’s Remix) – 147,763 Spotify Streams
“Reset” – 70,802 Spotify Streams
“Reset” (Alphalove Radio Remix) – 204,379 Spotify Streams
“Reset” (Rare Candy Radio Remix) – 25,494 Spotify Streams
Over 21.4k followers on Instagram
“You Deserve Better” and “Reset” both charted Top 10 at Music Week.

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Top Group – Jet Black Alley Cat

Quick Stats

Currently Over 65,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“She’s Alright” – 1,988,825 Streams on Spotify
“Rewind” – 319,384 Streams on Spotify
“Poison” – 1,366,782 Streams on Spotify
“Ex Lover Syndrome” – 221,703 Streams on Spotify
“ALL OUT OF LUCK” – 67,132 Streams on Spotify
New Single, “Ready For This,” out now.

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Top Album – We The Kingdom | Holy Water

Quick Stats

Over 1,662,600 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“God So Loved” – 4,663,024 Streams on Spotify
“Holy Water” – 21,041,629 Streams on Spotify
“Peace” – 4,594,182 Streams on Spotify
52.3k Followers on Instagram
186k Subscribers on YouTube
Nominated for a Grammy
Collaboration with Chris Tomlin

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Top Single – Gabby Mooney

Quick Stats

38,881 Monthly Listeners on Spotify
“Fire Love” – 131,278 Streams on Spotify
“Pray For You” – 34,676 Streams on Spotify
“Come On In” – 99,994 Streams on Spotify
64.4 Followers on Instagram
Helped Launch 3rd Eye High

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