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Yearlove | “Witness”

Yearlove | “Witness”


Yearlove is an alternative group, with a steady following on social media and Spotify. According to their website, Yearløve takes cues from musicians across all the musical spectrum. Drawing influence from various genres such as pop, rock, lo-fi, and jazz. The band separates itself from the indie scene by creating a modern, yet nostalgic sound. Yearlove released their new EP All of the Grace in the World in Your Eyes. We have decided to feature one of the tracks off of that EP, “Witness.”

“Witness,” has a very nostalgic indie rock sound to it. Instrumentally, the song creates an atmosphere similar to Coldplay and Fall Out Boy, which is pretty impressive. The guitar solos and drums are on point and really compliment the lead singer’s vocals as well. Vocally, this track doesn’t disappoint. The lead vocalist showcases his range throughout the song, while allowing the instrumentals to shine through.

Yearlove really has something special here, which they demonstrate throughout the new EP. If you are wanting some pretty addictive songs to add to your playlist, check them out below! You will not be disappointed.

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