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We The Kingdom | Holy Water – Album Review

We The Kingdom | Holy Water – Album Review

We The Kingdom

We The Kingdom is Christian group from Nashville, TN. Their family has deep roots in the Christian music community. Ed Cash has worked with artists like Chris Tomlin, NeedToBreathe, and Bethel Music. The other group members are Scott Cash, Franni Rae Cash, Martin Cash and Andrew Bergthold. You can also check out the review that we did previously, for their singles, “Don’t Tread on Me,” , “Child of Love,” and “No Doubt About It,” Their biggest song on Spotify, “Holy Water,” has been streamed over 12,700,000 times.

They are back with their full album Holy Water. They have completely taken the Christian Music world by storm by releasing hit after hit. Earlier tonight, they did an album release concert. You can check that out below.

In honor of this massive release, we are going track by track for our review of the full Holy Water album.

First up is “Cages.” Right off the bat, it is evident that this song is a bit different than the other singles that they have released. “Cages,” starts off with some very dark sounded vocals, which matches the lyrics perfectly. Once the song opens up, it blows the doors wide open for a musical and instrumental masterpiece. This song is more hard hitting than the others but gets the message across beautifully. Incredible start to a very promising album.

Next up on this album is “Waking Up.” This one is the one that was used as the opener in the album concert above. I could see this one being the opener in the live shows as well. As with the other songs, this one is a bit different as well. This one incorporates the strings and piano more than anything. These vocals are impressive though. In every song that have put out so far, the vocals have been outstanding and this is no exception.

“Child of Love,” is a powerful song. It definitely has an 80’s dance vibe to it, which is my favorite. It has a different feel to it than their previous release, “Don’t Tread on Me.” The vocals are outstanding in “Child of Love.” Individually, their vocals are strong but the song really comes into its own when they hit the harmonies. Together, they sound amazing. My favorite part of this song is the breakdown at the end, when it is just the choir in the background. Chills for days.

Next up is “Dancing On The Waves.” If you are a fan of slower songs with beautiful vocals, this one is for you. What an incredible addition to this album. The message is absolutely beautiful and needs to be heard.

The title track to this album,”Holy Water,” is up next. This is by far, their most popular song. It has been streamed over 12.7 Million times on Spotify alone. That is an amazing accomplishment. “Holy Water,” is also one of my personal favorites, just because of the breakdowns during different portions of the song. Every bit of the song is perfection. The vocals, harmonies, instrumentals and message are all on point. Check out their video of “Holy Water” below.

“No Doubt About It.” is up next. Right off the bat, you are greeted with a beautiful acoustic piano melody. Once the vocals kick in, you know that you are in for a treat. The lyrics of this song just make you feel inspired and have a sense of peace.

“There’s no doubt about it / I’m on my way home / I’m not yet where I’m going / but I’m a long way from where I was.”

The vocals are absolutely outstanding in “No Doubt.” She really puts everything she has into this song and it pays off. The harmonies really help paint a beautiful picture.

Up next on this inspiring album is “God So Loved.” Right off the start, this one definitely has an 80’s feel to it, which is my favorite. This one is more of an acoustic heavy song but it pays off. When you pair the vocal harmonies with these instrumentals, you have pure magic. The background vocals are a pretty cool touch as well.

“Peace,” is in the 8th spot on this album. Vocals, piano and guitar are all you need in this one. It is a beautiful song that focuses more on the message of the song. The vocals are absolutely angelic here. Definitely a new favorite off of this album. This song will definitely give you peace.

“Don’t Tread on Me,” is a powerhouse of a song. From beginning to end, it’s just a vocal and instrumental masterpiece. It reminds me of a Christian version of “The Greatest Showman,” soundtrack. It will instantly have you hooked on the message. Vocals are insanely beautiful here. They mesh very well together. The harmonies are beautiful. This song clocks in right below 4 minutes long and honestly, it could keep going and I would be happy. I do believe that they have a hit on their hands. I could see “Don’t Tread on Me,” being used in movies in the future as well. It’s just an all around astounding song that just keeps you wanting more.

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“SOS,” is up next on Holy Water. Another stunning song. This message is absolutely beautiful. Her voice is to the forefront here which pays off over and over again in this song. “SOS,” is a very peaceful song that brings you a sense of calmness.

Up next is “If All I Had Was Christ.” This one sounds a bit different as well. That is the cool thing about this album. There are so many different sounds but they all go together completely. This song is another stunning example of a much needed message. This one will be a really cool one to see them perform live, just for the audience participation.

In the last spot on the album, is “You are Heaven.” When you start this song, you will be greeted by some heavy vocals that are pretty inspiring. Once the song actually gets started, you can tell that you have something special here. This is the perfect song to end on, because it makes you want to go right back to the start and repeat the entire album.

All in all, this has to be one of the best albums this year, in any genre. Every song is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. We The Kingdom has made it clear that they are here to stay and spread the message. If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out We The Kingdom and their new album Holy Water. It is available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to follow them below as well.

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