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Walker Montgomery | “Saving For A Rainy Night”

Walker Montgomery | “Saving For A Rainy Night”

Walker Montgomery is originally from Kentucky and is making his name known in Country Music. He is the son of John Michael Montgomery and the nephew of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry. He has a lot of Country Music in his blood. His biggest song on Spotify, “Simple Town,” has already been streamed over 3.6 Million times.

“Saving For A Rainy Night,” starts out with some killer guitar. When Walker starts singing, you can tell that he is already invested in this song. This is a good example of modern country music with some 90s, early 2000’s feel to it. It goes very well together. His vocals have a Dierks Bentley vibe to it. He really gets into the song during the chorus. The melody is infectious and his vocals are on point. You will catch yourself singing along with Walker by the end of the song.

This song is incredibly catchy and will definitely be a crowd pleaser. So, if you catch yourself inside on a rainy night, turn on “Saving For A Rainy Night,” and you will not be disappointed.

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