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The Revenue Man | “25 Years Behind”

The Revenue Man | “25 Years Behind”

The Revenue Man

The Revenue Man’s debut EP “25 Years Behind,” was just released last week. One of the key elements missing from Country music today is genuine experience with genuine emotion. The Revenue Man has channeled all of his experience and emotion into this new release. He has a way of relating to the audience and making them feel every lyric he is singing.

Strong instrumentals and vocals really drive this EP forward. The lyrics are on point throughout the entire 7 tracks. It is very well written. Country music has to get back to telling an actual story. That is exactly what The Revenue Man does in “25 Years Behind.”

This is a strong release from a very talented singer/songwriter. “25 Years Behind,” takes elements from the past and brings them into the modern era. If you are craving Country music with a hometown feel, check him out below!

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