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Stephanie Owens | “Work for Shoes”

Stephanie Owens | “Work for Shoes”

Stephanie Owens

Stephanie Owens is back with a new single, “Work for Shoes.” You may remember that we have previously written reviews for her past singles, “Insight Looking Out,” and “Slingshot.” She was even our Featured Artist for May. You can check out the interview that we did with her here. She was also recently featured on the official Nashville Music Reviews Facebook page, with our Quarantine Sessions.

“Work for Shoes,” is an incredibly fun song. The title explains it all. This song is about working for shoes. It is super catchy. The lyrics are very clever as well. The production is also pretty impressive. Her voice seems to keep getting stronger. Seriously, I think this is the best that she has sounded so far, which is awesome. Stephanie really shows off some different aspects to her voice here. Her range is beautifully showcased in “Work for Shoes.”

This one is going to be fun to see live as well. It will definitely be a crowd singalong, including myself. If you are fan of fun story-telling songs and a killer voice, check out Stephanie Owens below!

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