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Stephanie Owens | “Inside Looking Out”

Stephanie Owens | “Inside Looking Out”

Stephanie Owens

Stephanie Owens is back with her newest single, “Inside Looking Out.” After the success of “Slingshot,” she had a lot to live up to. With this new single, she did just that. This is a strong followup to a successful previous release.

“Inside Looking Out,” is a slower, more dramatic song. With this single, you can really feel the emotion. You can tell that she is feeling every word that she sings and is putting her heart into it. The great part about Stephanie is how diverse her range is. She showed off her softer side in the earlier parts of this song and then really belted it out towards the middle and end. This keeps the listener on their toes and makes them want more. All in all, this song is going to be a crowd pleaser and gives her the opportunity to show off her range. If she continues on this path, she is going to have a highly successful career in Country Music.

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