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Spencer Jordan | Season 1 – EP Review

Spencer Jordan | Season 1 – EP Review

Spencer Jordan

Spencer Jordan is a pop singer/songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, he began his songwriting and artist career in Nashville, Tennessee. We previously featured his last single, “For The Sake of the Summer,” which was one of our most viewed articles this year.

First up on Season 1, is “Maroon 5.” This is a pretty impressive single. Spencer’s voice is pretty mesmerizing. The way he goes from his chest voice into his head voice is incredible. He is basically just doing vocal gymnastics throughout the song. This nostalgic song is a must hear and a great start to Season 1.

Next up on Season 1, is “Wyd?” This one is a more upbeat Pop anthem. Instrumentally, this is a great arrangement and will get you up and moving. The real standout here though, is Spencer’s vocals. I can’t get over how much range this guy has. Seriously impressive. So, I don’t know wyd, but you should be listening to this track.

“Thinkin’ Bout,” is up next on the new EP. This one has a more Bluesy, R&B/Pop feel to it. Spencer has such a great tone to his voice. Tone isn’t really something that you can teach to an artist, but he has it. Such a catchy song that will get you “Thinkin’ Bout,” this song for while.

“Bad People,” starts off with some acoustic guitar and Spencer’s voice. This in itself, will get you hooked, right off the bat. “Bad People,” is not only one of my favorite songs off of Season 1, but one of my favorite songs that I have heard in a while. The simplicity of the instrumentals accompanied by his vocals is seriously impressive.

“Friends Don’t Do That,” is up next. It is more of an upbeat song with all kinds of different effects. Even with these different effects and instrumentals, it doesn’t take away from the message of the song or even Spencer’s vocals. I am convinced that this guy could sing the Yellow Pages and it be addicting.

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“Exhausted,” is the last song on the new EP. What a way to end this piece of art. Just like every other song on this EP, the vocals are absolutely beautiful. This song will grip at your heart and not let go. If you are wanting to get in your feels with a beautiful song, take a listen to “Exhausted.”

Unfortunately, that was the end of this EP. Spencer Jordan has one of those voices that you just want to hear on everything. His music is seriously impressive. Season 1, is one of my favorite releases this year. I guess the real question now, is when does Season 2 come out? If you are wanting some great music to binge listen to, check out Season 1 below! You will not be disappointed.

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