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Sasha Sloan | “Is It Just Me”

Sasha Sloan | “Is It Just Me”

Sasha Sloan

Sasha Sloan was born in Boston. She then moved to Los Angeles and immediately began writing for pop superstars, Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello. She has also collaborated with dance stars like Kygo and Odesza. She made her US national TV debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in February, 2019 where she performed, “Older,” from her second EP, Loser.

Sasha Sloan released her third EP Self-Portrait on October 18, 2019. She stated that “this EP is more about being OK with the fact that I have a lot of anxiety, and that I don’t want to go to parties.” Twitter. On April 3, 2020, Sloan released single “I’ll Wait” produced by Kygo for his album Golden Hour. This track has over 62 Million Streams on Spotify. She currently has over 10.4 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify alone, which is impressive.

We also have previously reviewed her single, “Lie,” which you can take a look at here. Sasha Sloan is back with her new single, “Is It Just Me,” off of her upcoming album, Only Child.

“Is It Just Me,” is a beautifully written song, about standing out from the crowd, or blending in. Wondering if everyone feels the same way, or “Is It Just Me.” Basically, it is a song about saying things that maybe everyone else is thinking. It is a catchy song, with an infectious melody and beautifully written lyrics. Sasha Sloan has a way of relating to her listeners. That is why her popularity continues to rise and will continue to, due to this new single. Check out the new single below and get ready for the new debut album, Only Child out everywhere on October 16th!

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