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Ryan Hurd | EOM – EP Review

Ryan Hurd | EOM – EP Review

Ryan Hurd

Ryan Hurd has previously been featured on Nashville Music Reviews, with his release of “Every Other Memory.” He is back with his new EOM – EP. Considering he has over 2.2 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify alone, this EP is bound to be extremely popular.

Acoustic versions of songs are always my favorite. “Every Other Memory,” is already a great song but with the acoustic version, it puts his voice in the forefront. It gives the song a different, more in depth meaning which pays off with this song.

“Heartless – Acoustic,” is Ryan’s take on Diplo’s popular song, “Heartless.” He actually helped write this hit. This is a such a good version that again, showcases Ryan Hurd’s vocals. I absolutely love the acoustic feel of this song, probably more than the original.

“False God,” is a cover of Taylor Swift’s same song from her Lover album. Ryan puts a different spin on it that still manages to capture the emotion of the song. It is such a powerful song. He does a great job at paying homage to Taylor Swift and still putting his own style into it.

“Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset,” is his take on the Luke Bryan song that he also helped write as well. It is such a good song, and its pretty cool that he helped write this one. Ryan’s vocals are yet again, pretty flawless. You can tell that he really feels the lyrics in all of the songs that he writes. It would be interesting to hear a duet with Luke and Ryan on this one. Both of their vocals on this would be an instant hit.

Ryan also helped write “Payback,” for Rascal Flatts as well. This one did really well for Rascal Flatts so it is no surprise that Ryan’s version is a hit as well. It is interesting to hear Ryan’s voice in contrast with Rascal Flatts because their voices are so different. But it sounds great.

Next up is a Lady A single release in 2019, “What If I Never Get Over You,” Ryan helped write this one with a few different writers in Nashville. Ryan’s vocals sound so stripped down and raw, which pays off in this release. It is such a well written song.

“Wish for the World” – Live from Nashville is a good one to end on. This one was recorded at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. This song was originally released in 2019 on his Platonic EP. The live version is pretty uplifting. It is really inspiring, hearing the fans singing along with him. His guitar skills are insane on this one too. The singalong at the end, is my favorite part. That is how you know that you are making good music, when you have captivated the audience.

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This EP not only showcases Ryan Hurd’s vocals but it also shows how great of a songwriter he is. He has written for quiet a few artists and it is really cool to hear his versions of them. Ryan Hurd is obviously going to be around for a while, so check him out below!

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