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Ryan Hagan | “Reset”

Ryan Hagan | “Reset”

Ryan Hagan

Ryan got his start singing in churches from an early age and is a self-taught pianist. He credits his spiritual upbringing and gospel influences to much of the soulful sounds ingrained in his voice. He enjoyed success as a nationally-acclaimed athlete before a career-ending series of injuries catapulted him into songwriting and performing Pop music. 

We have previously featured Ryan and reviewed his last single, “You Deserve Better,” which is currently sitting at over 271,000 streams on Spotify alone, which is impressive. You can also check out one of the remixes to “You Deserve Better,” below as well.

Ryan is back with his new single, “Reset.” This new release is a bit different than his previous single, “You Deserve Better.” “Reset,” features some catchy melodies, intense beats and some strong vocals. Ryan’s real strength here is his falsetto. The way he goes in and out of his head voice is pretty impressive. His vocal runs and the way he plays with the lyrics really shows off his ability to do vocal gymnastics. “Reset,” is a catchy song that already has almost 10,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Here is what Ryan had to say about writing “Reset.” “So I kinda did the dressing up in pajamas like a kid again. Those moments before we ever knew anything about breakups and we just all were playful and loving, you know? I was like, how can I really send home the vibe. So I thought back to my Saturdays as a kid of waking up early and watching cartoons and eating cereal and playing video games. And as cliché as it sounds, really and truly, I think that’s what healing after a relationship that ends is all about. It’s about going back to who you are and not losing yourself in the process.”

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Ryan Hagan has already proven that he is a talented artist and a genuine guy that deserves to be heard. With this new release, he has solidified that. If you need your pop music fix, check out Ryan Hagan below. “Reset,” and all of the remixes are available on all major streaming platforms!

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