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Russell Dickerson | Southern Symphony – Album Review

Russell Dickerson | Southern Symphony – Album Review

Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson has definitely made a splash in the local Country Music scene. He has over 4.6 Million Monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His last album, “Yours,” peaked at number 39 on the Billboard 200. The title track to “Yours,” also peaked at number 49 on the Billboard Hot 100. He recently had the chance to perform on The Kelly Clarkson Show as well.

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Russell Dickerson is back with his full album, Southern Symphony. In honor of this highly anticipated release, we are doing a track by track review. First up is “Never Get Old.” This one is a catchy upbeat song about loving the person you are with and how things with them, “Never Get Old.” Russell Dickerson has a reputation of putting out huge songs, that are vocally insane and are incredibly catchy. Add this one to that list. Once live shows get back, this one is going to be a crowd favorite, and I will be in the front row singing along.

Next up is “Home Sweet.” First off, this is a super sweet song. It is very evident that he enjoys singing love songs. The lyrics are authentic and manage to tell a story that you never want to end. The vocals are on point as well. “Home Sweet,” is super energetic and fun. This will be a fun one to sing along to, whether you are just singing in your car, or singing along with him at his shows. Russell basically tells a story of home being with your significant other. “Home Sweet,” is a beautiful love song to his wife.

In the 3rd spot, is “All Yours, All Night.” This track is more of a slow jam love song. He really showcases his range throughout the entire song. The instrumentals are pretty mellow and gives him the opportunity to capture the emotion of the song.

“Love You Like I Used To,” is one of my favorites off of the album. What a powerful song. This one also really showcases his voice. Russell’s vocals are absolutely stunning in all of his songs, but with this song, it is put into the forefront.

“Forever For A Little While,” is up next on Southern Symphony. This is one of the more catchy songs on the album. The instrumentals bring the listener in and Russell’s vocals keep them there. This song is a must hear on the album, especially when it is put in the coveted 5th spot.

“Its About Time,” featuring Florida Georgia Line, is up next. What a catchy song. Their voices sound great together too. This is the party song that we needed in the Summer. But hey, for all of your 2020 Christmas parties, put this one on repeat. This is one of those songs that will make you get up and move. Just a feel good Country jam.

Next up on the new album is “Honey.” Already, this one has a different feel than the previous songs on the album. He does a great job at showing his range, especially with the low notes at the beginning of the song and going into his head voice in the chorus.

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The title track, “Southern Symphony,” is up next. This one puts Russell’s voice in the forefront which pays off completely. This song is all about growing up in the South. He does a great job at telling this story and capturing the audiences attention as well.

“Come To Jesus,” is up 2nd to last here. This is a fun love song about being with his wife and how she basically calms him down and brings light to his life. Last on this new album, is “Waiting For You.” This has more of a Country/Pop vibe to it. The addition to the piano, while being paired with his voice was a smart decision. Once the song gets going, it has a much bigger sound to it. A perfect ending to a pretty incredible album.

Russell Dickerson has been popping out hits all year and this album just solidifies it. Such a great album that touches on all of the emotions, like a memorable album should. If you want some genuinely great music to listen to, make sure to add Southern Symphony to your playlists. Available on all major streaming platforms.

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