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Lost Saints | “Meet in the Middle/The Middle”

Lost Saints | “Meet in the Middle/The Middle”

Lost Saints

The Lost Saints (Afton Addington, Chris Biano, Derrick Casteel) first sang together in Nashville in 2017. All of the group members grew up singing in church as well. The trio made their national tv debut on The Dailey & Vincent Show on Circle Plus , the brand new television and streaming platform from the Opry Entertainment Group.

We previously had the chance to review their singles, “We Don’t Fight,” ,  “We Don’t Fight,” – Acoustic Version and Hookup. All of these songs are incredible so the bar is already set pretty high.

Lost Saints are back with an intriguing mashup of “Meet in the Middle,” by Diamond Rio and “The Middle,” by Maren Morris. Its pretty cool that they would put these two songs together since they are two of my favorite songs. With this mashup, the Lost Saints bring a certain freshness to both of the songs. Their harmonies have never sounded better. Chills for days. Vocals and instrumentals are on point.

Lost Saints just continue to impress. Each release leaves me feeling the same way. Every time, they leave me wanting more music by them, which is very impressive. Lost Saints have proven that they are here to stay and apparently are going to keep popping out hit after hit. Check them out below!

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