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Lizzie Cates | “I Like The Way” Music Video and Interview

Lizzie Cates | “I Like The Way” Music Video and Interview

Lizzie Cates

Lizzie Cates is back with a brand new Music Video for her hit single, “I Like The Way.” We previously reviewed the song back in August. Here are a few highlights from that review.

This is a catchy country/pop love song. This single has a Taylor Swift vibe to it. You can tell that she is one of Lizzie’s musical inspirations. Her vocals are super strong in this new single. Her voice has a great tone to it. Tone is something that you can’t teach an artist. You either have it or you don’t, and Lizzie Cates has a great one. Once she gets into her higher notes, she really shines. Vocally this is a beautiful release. Lyrically, it is super fun and very intelligently written. A perfect blend of country and pop music.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Lizzie Cates for an interview. Check it out below!

We chatted about all sorts of things, from Taylor Swift to The Office. We also had a chance to talk about shooting her music video for “I Like The Way.” It is a beautiful video that was shot in NYC. Feel free to check it out below as well!

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If you are a fan of genuinely great music from a hardworking Nashville singer/songwriter, check her out and follow Lizzie Cates below!

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